Tristan Daws
Angus McPhail's Fearvision
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Trailer for feature film - 2 min 30

'Angus McPhail's Fearvision' is a modern fable, sitting somewhere between 'Sweet Sixteen' and 'Pan's Labyrinth.' It is a tale of turbulent youth and modern values, set within the graphic and uncompromising landscape of urban Glasgow. It is the story of a young, troubled boy who has lost his way somewhere between reality and fantasy, of the family fighting to understand him, and of his gradual slide into a private dream world that ultimately may free or destroy him. The film hinges on Angus' gradual descent into a world he calls 'Fearvision', a fantasy of valiant knights and damsels in distress that he has conceived as an escape from his day-to-day existence. 'Angus McPhail's Fearvision' is, ultimately, the story of a damaged young boy with impossible dreams, and is a character-led drama, exploring the endless possibilities of human imagination.

Tristan Daws 2013

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